According to the latest document on Eth2.0 specification v1.0 officially released by Ethereum on 2020/11/04, 23:00 (GMT +8), Eth2.0 mainnet deposit contract was launched and has attracted much attention in the market. According to the GitHub document, ETH 2.0 is expected to be brought forward and launch on 2020/12/01 and BiKi platform will be releasing the global premiere launch of ETH2.0 Validator Node Mining to help users better participate in mining. The specific rules are as follows:

1.What is BETH?

ETH 2.0 is to be converted to POS. In Phase 0 of ETH 2.0, users pledge their ETH to become…

DiFy.Finance is part of the larger trend of decentralized finance: an industry that is focused on building decentralized financial instruments on top of existing smart-contract-enabled cryptocurrencies. These instruments include cryptocurrency lending, insurance, decentralized exchanges and other use cases.

The YFIII token is the backbone of the DiFy platform. It allow holders to vote on the protocol, access DeFi services and earn extra rewards.

Currently YFIII ranks 531 on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $9.25 million USD and volume of $3.64 million USD.

On 19 October 2020, we were honored to have invited the CM of YFIII, Shao Suren to…

Regarding the recent issue raised about withdrawal fees, BiKi has proceeded with investigations and resolved the matter. We have a universal withdrawal fee as stated here, with withdrawal fees for altcoins varying due to token price fluctuations.

BiKi takes this case of withdrawal fee very seriously and simply unacceptable, taking a strong stance for “Users As Priority” value. Users should be free to withdraw tokens at competitive reasonable fees, and we have since improved on the process of checking withdrawal fees with automated data every 24 hours, which will increase the efficiency. On the other hand, while we would not…

BiKi platform will be opening the deposit function for XFI on 2020/09/30, 12:00 (GMT +8) and launching the “Deposit to List XFI” activity at the same time. The details are as follows:

Activity period: 2020/09/30, 12:00–2020/10/02, 12:00 (GMT +8)

Rules: Once the platform opens the deposit function for XFI, the users are free to make XFI deposits until the project fully satisfy the “Deposit to List” requirements and listing of XFI on BiKi platform will be arranged accordingly. … launches RFUEL HODL Rewards 50%

To celebrate the premiere listing of Polkadot DeFi project- RFUEL (Rio Fuel Token), BiKi platform and RFUEL have jointly launched the following activities:

Activity 1【RFUEL Hodl Staking Annualised Returns 50%】

Activity period: 2020/09/30, 16:00–2020/10/06, 24:00 (GMT +8)

Token for earnings: RFUEL

Expected Annualized Yield: 50%

Minimum quantity: 350 RFUEL

Maximum quantity: 3500 RFUEL

Participating method: Users with holding assets ≥350 RFUEL will receive the earnings with flexible deposit, withdrawal and trading during the activity period.

Distribution of Earnings: T+1, that means, the system will perform random snapshot of the user’s holding asset position for RFUEL today and release the earnings…

Dear users

BiKi platform has just launched the premiere listing of a new Polkadot DeFi project — RFUEL (Rio Fuel Token) and the details are as follows:

1. Opening time for deposit: Already opened

2. Opening time for trading: Already opened

3. Opening time for withdrawal: 09/29, 12:00 (GMT +8)

Note: BiKi platform and RFUEL will jointly launch a series of activities so please don’t go away and stay tuned for the next update!

Token Introduction:

Name: Rio Fuel Token

Ticker: RFUEL

Official website:

Project Introduction:

Rio DeFi is a blockchain technology company with a mission to accelerate the…

642% 7D APY from BiKi Grid Trading

· Leading Singapore crypto exchange BiKi has launched Grid Trading, an AI trading platform that takes advantage of Crypto price volatility for investors

· A.I trading has been found to balance risk and reward for retail investors by taking away the “emotion” factor

· Buying low and selling high brings the advantage of consistent returns

· Grid Trading caters to both novice and experienced traders. Experienced traders have the option of customizing their trading strategy BXTB TIIM Liquidity Mining Rewards

Dear users

In conjunction with our official launch of Liquidity Mining and to celebrate the forthcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, BiKi will be launching the liquidity mining for BXTB and TIIM! Users who perform grid trading for BXTB/USDT and/or TIIM/USDT and meet the mining conditions will receive double rewards in grid profits + liquidity mining rewards. The details are as follows:

【Participate in Liquidity Mining, Share 50% Trading Fees Rewards Pool】

Activity period: 09/25–10/09

Rules: The platform will contribute 50% trading fees of the above specified token pairs as the liquidity mining pool reward. During the activity period, users who participate in…

BiKi Exchange launch Liquidity Mining ODIN, UNI, UNII, DOT, SUSHI, MEME

Dear users

BiKi Liquidity Mining is officially launched! Users who participate in grid trading and satisfy the conditions will receive both grid + liquidity mining rewards in 1-click button. The first batch of projects for BiKi Liquidity Mining will be ODIN/USDT、UNI/USDT、UNII/USDT、DOT/USDT、FIL6/USDT、SUSHI/USDT、GHST/USDT,and the details are as follows:

【Participate in Liquidity Mining, Share 50% Trading Fees Rewards Pool】

Activity period: 09/23–10/23

Rules: The platform will contribute 50% trading fees of the above specified token pairs as the liquidity mining pool reward. During the activity period, users who participate in liquidity mining in any of the specified token pairs will receive mining pool…

Dear users

BiKi platform will be launching the ATT Trading Leaderboard Competition and Share 300,000 ATT rewards. The details are as follows:

Activity 1 【ATT Top Net Buyers Share 3,000,000 ATT】

Activity period: 2020/09/27, 23:00–09/30, 22:59 (GMT +8)

Rules: During the activity period, Top 3 users with the highest accumulative net buys of ATT and continue to hodl more than 1 million ATT will share 3,000,000 ATT and receive the rewards according to their ranking as follows:

TOP 1: 1,500,000 ATT

TOP 2: 1,000,000 ATT

TOP 3: 500,000 ATT

Activity 2 【Share High-Quality Content and Get 300 BIKI】 (10 selections…

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides blockchain technology and digital asset trading services

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