Launch of ATT Trading Leaderboard Competition Share 3,000,000 ATT
2 min readSep 25, 2020

Dear users

BiKi platform will be launching the ATT Trading Leaderboard Competition and Share 300,000 ATT rewards. The details are as follows:

Activity 1 【ATT Top Net Buyers Share 3,000,000 ATT】

Activity period: 2020/09/27, 23:00–09/30, 22:59 (GMT +8)

Rules: During the activity period, Top 3 users with the highest accumulative net buys of ATT and continue to hodl more than 1 million ATT will share 3,000,000 ATT and receive the rewards according to their ranking as follows:

TOP 1: 1,500,000 ATT

TOP 2: 1,000,000 ATT

TOP 3: 500,000 ATT

Activity 2 【Share High-Quality Content and Get 300 BIKI】 (10 selections only)

Activity period: 2020/09/27, 23:00–09/30, 22:59 (GMT +8)

Participating requirement: BiKi registered users

Participating method: Publish high-quality content about “ATT Trading Leaderboard Competition” on your social medial platforms e.g. Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Zhihu, Blockchain media etc and you will receive 300 BIKI (contents must be rich and diversified to get selected). Participating users are required to complete and submit a registration form including the screenshot of your content/sharing.

Registration form link:

Important Reminder:

1. Cumulative net buy volume = total buy volume — total sell volume (during the activity period)

2. During the activity period, random snapshots of user accounts will be taken daily. Only users with more than 1 million ATT in the account are eligible to participate in this activity.

3. The rewards will be distributed within 10 working days from the end date of the activity.

4. When completing the registration form, please ensure to fill in your information correctly otherwise rewards will not be issued for incorrect/wrong information submitted.

5. The final interpretation right of this activity will be in the sole discretion of BiKi platform.

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Thank you for your support, and we look forward to your valuable opinions.

BiKi Team



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