BiKi Exchange Launch Liquidity Mining
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BiKi Exchange launch Liquidity Mining ODIN, UNI, UNII, DOT, SUSHI, MEME

Dear users

BiKi Liquidity Mining is officially launched! Users who participate in grid trading and satisfy the conditions will receive both grid + liquidity mining rewards in 1-click button. The first batch of projects for BiKi Liquidity Mining will be ODIN/USDT、UNI/USDT、UNII/USDT、DOT/USDT、FIL6/USDT、SUSHI/USDT、GHST/USDT,and the details are as follows:

【Participate in Liquidity Mining, Share 50% Trading Fees Rewards Pool】

Activity period: 09/23–10/23

Rules: The platform will contribute 50% trading fees of the above specified token pairs as the liquidity mining pool reward. During the activity period, users who participate in liquidity mining in any of the specified token pairs will receive mining pool rewards in proportion from the daily mining output. The rewards will be in the base token e.g. ODIN/USDT grid transaction will receive ODIN mining rewards from the daily mining output.

The mining conditions are as follows:

Mining Output Formula:

Sum of current grid mining for token pair = ((User A’s total invested assets in grid*User A’s mining time) + (User B’s total invested assets in grid*User B’s mining time) + (User C’s total invested assets in grid)*H3 + (User N’s total invested assets in grid*User N’s mining time))

Mining Rewards (converted to USDT) = (User A’s total invested assets in grid*mining time / Sum of current grid mining for token pair)*the previous day’s total trading fee of the token pair (converted to USDT)*100%

* If you are not an experienced investor, we recommend you use AI Recommended strategy.

Other Terms & Conditions:

1. At random snapshots, grid orders that are running for less than 1 hour will not yield income.

2. Grid orders may be terminated at any time but terminated orders will no longer yield income.

3. Grid orders with price gap of more than 10% will not yield income.

4. The mining rewards are distributed T+1 and the first distribution will be 09/24.

5. ODIN/USDT activity will be adjusted to end on 10/23 instead of 09/27.

6. Double Benefits = Total grid profits + Liquidity Mining rewards

7. The final interpretation rights of the activity will be in the sole discretion of BiKi.

When you have any questions about Liquidity Mining or do not know how to operate, you may seek assistance in the following 3 ways:

• How to operate Liquidity Mining #1: Open BiKi APP, select “Liquidity Mining” on the homepage > select token pair for mining

> choose AI strategy (recommended for new users) or Custom strategy> enter the invested asset amount to start your grid trading (It is recommended to read and understand the mining instructions located at the upper right corner before you start liquidity mining)

• How to operate Liquidity Mining #2: Open BiKi APP, select “Trade” at the bottom> select “Grid” at the top > select the token pair under the “Liquidity Mining”> select AI strategy (recommended for new users) or Custom strategy > enter the invested asset amount to start your grid trading.

• Alternatively, you can add WeChat ID: xiaozhushou2022 and reply “Grid” to join our interactive group for more guidance.

Grid Trading Tutorial (Text):

Grid Trading Tutorial (Video):

Note: BiKi Grid Trading is available on APP version only.

Risk Reminder:

1. Investing in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Before investing, please have a full understanding of all the risks of investing in digital assets and be prudent of your own investment decisions.

2. In view of the possible changes in the global regulatory environment and to ensure compliance with the local laws, users from China, Singapore and other countries/regions are advised to consult a lawyer in their country/region before

participating in the transaction. BiKi reserves the right to terminate the provision of services at any time to users who may violate the relevant laws of the country/region in which they are located.

3. BiKi and employees will not recommend, guide or encourage you to invest in any project in any way. Please ensure that investment decisions are made independently.

4. BiKi does not participate in private sale of any projects nor primary market sale or related locked position activities. Please ensure that you understand all public information of the project before making any investment decisions.

5. BiKi supports and recognizes the relevant provisions of KYC/AML (anti-money laundering) rules & regulations for users in countries and regions operationally. Please make sure that the source of assets is legal, and the identity information is true and valid.

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Thank you for your support, and we look forward to your valuable opinions.

BiKi Team




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