BiKi: A Note Regarding Withdrawal Fee
2 min readOct 15, 2020


Regarding the recent issue raised about withdrawal fees, BiKi has proceeded with investigations and resolved the matter. We have a universal withdrawal fee as stated here, with withdrawal fees for altcoins varying due to token price fluctuations.

BiKi takes this case of withdrawal fee very seriously and simply unacceptable, taking a strong stance for “Users As Priority” value. Users should be free to withdraw tokens at competitive reasonable fees, and we have since improved on the process of checking withdrawal fees with automated data every 24 hours, which will increase the efficiency. On the other hand, while we would not want to have this case to repeat, we are striving hard to serve users with the best competitive value. BiKi welcome users to email to if the withdrawal fees are more than 6 USDT worth for Altcoins and we will adjust it with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, a reward will also be given to him/her as compensation for the inconvenience caused.

We understand that nothing can be perfect in a fast-moving crypto industry, we are constantly improving and welcome your suggestions and feedbacks. BiKi thanks all our users for the continuous support and we will work harder to serve you better.

With that, it is painful to see such incidents for happening, we would face the future with more courage to improve and we found the inspirational strength from source:

You are reference to withdrawal fees here
Token-to-token Trading: 0.15% of the trade amount will be charged

Deposit:Free for recharge

Withdrawal fees:

USDT (omni) minimum withdrawal 6USDT, withdrawal fees 6USDT/per trade

USDT (erc20) minimum withdrawal 6EUSDT, withdrawal fees 6EUSDT/per trade

USDT (trx20) minimum withdrawal 1EUSDT, withdrawal fees 0USDT/per trade

BTC minimum withdrawal 0.001BTC, withdrawal fees 0.0005BTC/per trade

ETH minimum withdrawal 0.01 ETH, withdrawal fees 0.005ETH / per trade

BIKI minimum withdrawal 500BIKI, withdrawal fees 20BIKI / per trade

EOS minimum withdrawal 1EOS, withdrawal fees 0.1EOS/per trade

BCH minimum withdrawal 0.01BCH, withdrawal fees 0.0001BCH/per trade

XRP minimum withdrawal 50XRP, withdrawal fees 0.1XRP/per trade

ETC minimum withdrawal 0.5ETC, withdrawal fees 0.05ETC/per trade

LTC minimum withdrawal 0.1LTC, withdrawal fees 0.001LTC/per trade

TRX minimum withdrawal 1000TRX, withdrawal fees 1TRX/per trade

Other token withdrawal fees: tokens worth 1.5–6 USDT will be charged. The fee may vary due to token price fluctuations.

Yours Sincerely,

BiKi Team
15 Oct 2020



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