Transcript of BiKi X ZEL AMA
5 min readMar 5, 2020


Transcript of BiKi X ZEL AMA

Time: 2020/03/05 11:00 (GMT +8)

Host: Good morning, friends, thank you for your support ~

I ’m Thomas, the host of this AMA.

Today we are honored to have invited Daniel Keller, Chief Strategy Officer of Zelcash, to the BiKi community to share about Zelcash ~

First of all, I would like to invite Daniel to say hello to everyone and briefly introduce himself ~

Daniel: I’m Dan. I have been with Zelcash team for two years, And I’m currently there chief strategy officer A little bit about Zel. We have been in the cryptocurrency space for about two years. We are a fork of Zcash, we are very privacy oriented. We have worked with many major players in the space including Binance Dex Raven, Coin switch, and others. Currently we are working hard to develop our ecosystem, essentially a way to fix the issues with Ethereum. Zelcore is our multi asset platform and ZelFlux will be the Decentralize computational network. Please ask away!

Host: We talked about zel’s market plans over the world and Southeast Asia in 2019. What’s zel’s new market plan,when the market holds a positive expectation of halving bitcoin?

Daniel: We will keep looking for new partners to add to Zelcore as well as market Zel through our inhouse marketing and PR team, we plan on twitter and other social media campaigns as well as a trading competition and new user referral process. Also to note, Zel will be halveing around the same time as Bitcoin!

Host: Zelcore wallet and DEX have been developed very successfully.Will there be any new striking features about zel wallet?

Daniel: Fiat gateways are in the works. We recently announced the addition of the Instaswap fiat gateway. Soon their API will be available right in our Wallet. The Launch of the Esher platform (Iterative Capital) in ZelCore for instant fiat gateway is slated for Q2.

We plan on integrating KYC, and an O-Auth like solution for accessing integrated fintech/defi apps to our ZelID. There is a great deal of work happening in our ecosystem.

Host: Will ZelCore wallet use Zel to deduct the transaction fee in the future?

Daniel: Currently ZelCore is free for all to use, and the only transactional fees are charged by the chains. In the future as we develop the ZelFlux ecosystem there will be a gas model used to power decentralized applications. That gas model will be Zel, so running and maintaining software on the network will cause Zel to have a very important role in the ecosystem.

Host: Is the Zel Vpn that we talked about last year still in development? How is the progress?

Daniel: The Zel Vpn is not worked on at the moment. Zelflux will play a major part in those kind of apps. We are not sure yet if we will make it ourselves or if there will be a third party to take care of it by using ZelFlux

Host: At present, the concept of defi is very popular. If zelcore introduces defi, it has inherent advantages. Will it develop defi scenarios in the future?

Daniel: DeFi is a very interesting concept, one that I feel could add value to the Zel ecosystem. ZelCore, will be a gateway of sorts to new and exciting defi both on Zels network and others. Yes, I believe we will see more focus on these types of opportunities in DeFi and beyond!

Host: Is the StableCoins plan mentioned before still in progress?

Daniel: No, we are focusing on ZelFlux right now. We have partners that are working on developing the tech on the new ZelFlux operating system.

Host: In the future, what direction will Zel (not only Zelcore, but also the whole Zel ecosystem) eventually develop in? What are the more preferred use scenarios of Zel in the future? Can you elaborate?

Daniel: We are currently working on ZelFlux. Currently the running applications overview and networking/remoting to launch applications/dockers are in testing phase. We are also working on a system to purchase decentralized computing power with Zel. Development on the Flux ecosystem will drive the need for Zel and Zel products.

Host: Last year we mentioned that 8 BTC is needed for Zel to be listed on Okex. Is crowdfunding still going on?

Daniel: The exchange fund is still live. we are thankful for our new partner BiKi.

Host: What’s the reason for this launch of BiKi exchange? Will Zel and BiKi cooperate in other aspects in the future?

Daniel: Zel is excited to work with projects that focus on user adoption and sensible partnerships for development. BiKi has a vibrant community and we look forward to working together in the future. You can also store your $BIKI in ZelCore today!

Host: OK, we can see that Daniel is very enthusiastic. Now, if any of you have questions, please feel free to ask our guest.

Daniel: Yes, what can Zel do that would help you?

Audience: Hi Daniel. I want to ask first, when will ZEL be listed on biki, will there be campaign activities for everyone ? ~

Daniel: Yes there will be several marketing events planned to share with the community

Audience: Zel, zen, zec, and zer are all zero-knowledge proofs. Is zel different from the above in terms of anonymity?

Daniel: ZelFlux, Network upgrade, ZelNodes and mobile version three zelcore

Audience: Not mining? What is the consensus mechanism

Daniel: Zel is a proof of work coin so yes it’s mined. But it does have a Zelnode as well as proof of work. So it is PoS and PoW.

Audience: What kind of hardware or equipment is needed. Can ordinary people participate?

Daniel: You can mine it graphics cards or run a zelnode. We welcome all users to help support the network

Audience: When will zel finish mining? Will there be additional distribution?

Daniel: Zel has a fixed supply of 250,000,000

Host: Thank you very much for sharing with us about zel today, Daniel. I hope now everyone knows a little more about Zel. I hope Zel and BiKi will work together to be even stronger together in the future ~

Now you can continue to exchange ideas and opinions in the group.

BiKi Zelcash AMA

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