Receive up to 642% 7D APY from Grid Trading, an AI trading platform launched by BiKi promising stable returns
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642% 7D APY from BiKi Grid Trading

· Leading Singapore crypto exchange BiKi has launched Grid Trading, an AI trading platform that takes advantage of Crypto price volatility for investors

· A.I trading has been found to balance risk and reward for retail investors by taking away the “emotion” factor

· Buying low and selling high brings the advantage of consistent returns

· Grid Trading caters to both novice and experienced traders. Experienced traders have the option of customizing their trading strategy

“Stability” is a word we seldom hear in the Crypto industry. Market prices have been through countless ups and downs, with retail investors making huge gains as well as massive losses.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this price volatility, with the price of Bitcoin dropping below $5,000 in March this year after months of accumulating gains.

This has made the majority of retail investors wary of Crypto investments that show volatile price action. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has arguably offered an attractive investment alternative for investors who value stable returns over fluctuating prices.

From peer-to-peer lending to staking, DeFi projects have promised consistent returns, albeit with more modest returns.

A.I Trading Balances Risk and Reward

While many DeFi products offer lower risk, investors have to sacrifice the potential rewards seen in many instances of trading Crypto. This greatly skews investors to the low risk, low reward end of the risk/reward spectrum.

A.I trading however, combines the lower risk from DeFi with a higher reward. By predicting the future price range with a degree of certainty, the A.I is able to execute trades that bring consistent returns without risking the investor’s capital.

To do so requires a high level of liquidity, which is what BiKi exchange offers with the launch of Grid Trading.

Bringing Liquidity to DeFi

BiKi exchange, a leading crypto exchange headquartered in Singapore has launched Grid trading, a platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to trade on behalf of the investor.

Launched in 12th August this year, Grid trading helps investors take profit by abiding by the simple trading methodology of “buy low, sell high”

Put simply, the AI will buy more tokens when the price dips beyond a certain threshold and sell when the price rises. All on behalf of the user.

Taken from BiKi

Based on the trading pair selected, the platform will forecast the expected profits over a 7-day period. This profit is achieved by taking advantage of price fluctuations, which is commonly seen in the Crypto market.

According to the expected returns, the AI will buy when the price drops at a certain level and take profit when the price rises for consistent returns. One advantage Grid trading offers to users is automation. With the AI trading for the user, mistakes made due to trader emotions are eliminated.

Furthermore, based on past price data, the AI decides on specific price points to execute trades for consistent returns, instead of buying or selling too early due to fear or greed which happens to even the most experienced trader. The price forecast by the AI increases in accuracy as more data points are added, even surpassing the price predictions of experienced traders.

Suitable for Novice and Experienced Traders

Investors who are new to Crypto or only subscribe to a “buy and hold” strategy will find using AI trading suitable for their trading requirements. In addition to not needing a trading strategy, Grid trading puts the tokens held by investors to active use instead of being passively held.

Experienced traders who prefer to execute trades based on their own strategy are able to do so by choosing the “customized trading” functionality. By using this function users can select the exact price points to execute a buy or sell trade.

Traders have access to a wide list of trading pairs on the Grid trading platform, in addition to trading the main tokens in the market such as BTC, ETH and XRP

For example, DeFi tokens built on the Polkadot ecosystem such as ANKR, OM, EDG and AKRO are available for trading. Furthermore, tokens of each DeFi project built on the TRON protocol are available on the platform as well, such as JFI, PEARL and CORN

Results to date

Polkadot Ecosystem Token results — Taken from BiKi

The 7-day annualized profits vary across different tokens. Overall, AI trading has yielded significant profits for users, with profits ranging from single-digit percentage profits to an increase of two to three times.

With AI trading, users do not have to worry about volatile price movements during sleeping hours, a common occurrence in the industry. Furthermore, users are not required to connect to any trading API as well.

BiKi Grid Trading Leaderboard- Top 10 Traders

Recently, BiKi has launched Grid Trading ETF pairs, with more trading pairs and products expected to be launched soon. To get started with Grid Trading, simply download the Biki app- Grid Trading is not available on desktop yet

About BiKi

Started in 2018, BiKi is a global exchange headquartered in Singapore with a user base of approximately 3.5 million users in Korea, Japan, and Russia. More than an exchange, BiKi offers a range of Crypto products, such as ETF, contract trading, loans, staking and more.

By placing users as their top priority, BiKi is continuously looking to build products that cater to the full range of investors. You can find out more at their website



Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides blockchain technology and digital asset trading services