BiKi x Two Prime FF1 AMA Transcript

BiKi x Two Prime FF1 AMA with Co-founders Dr. Marc Fleury and Alexander S. Blum

As Two Prime FF1 token will be listed tomorrow, 14April 2020 on 17:00 (GMT+8), let’s take a look at the AMA transcript with BiKi, Dr Marc Fleury and Alexander S. Blum, co-founders of Two Prime, that happened on BiKi English telegram yesterday. Read on:

Hi everyone! We have today with us:
Dr. Marc Fleury, Co-Founder and CEO of Two Prime, and Alexander S. Blum, Co-Founder and COO of Two Prime

Some background about Two Prime FF1 here:
Pioneered by Two Prime, the FF1 token is a better store of value than USDT or BTC. They are a fintech company that focuses on the financial application of crypto to the real economy. It applies traditional investment models and economic theory to crypto, bridging the best practices of traditional finance and crypto.

Two Prime’s vision is to bring abundance to the crypto industry. By introducing a new breed of store of value cryptocurrency — backed by real assets that hold accretive value in reserve — Two Prime will reinvigorate the crypto markets and bring real value to investors.

The FF Token model can be applied to any sector, representing a well-diversified basket of public and private sector projects. Its first iteration, the FF1 token will be invested in the blockchain sector in a structured portfolio of cryptocurrencies, debt, and equity instruments. This will demonstrate how a cryptocurrency — backed by assets — can generate demand and velocity with rapid fund formation.

We will start the AMA here by asking Dr Marc Fleury and Alexander Blum to share an introduction about themselves.

Dr Marc Fleury:
While Alex shares the official bios. I am a PhD in theoretical physics, pioneered business models of Open Source and retired young. Alex was one of my investments and a leader in the STO space. Today we work together on TwoPrime. We both attended MIT.

Alexander Blum:
Bringing together Dr. Marc Fleury’s unparalleled experience in professionalizing the open source software sector and Alex Blum’s financial expertise and insight into cryptocurrency investment markets, Two Prime is uniquely positioned to professionalize cryptocurrency.

Dr. Marc Fleury, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Two Prime, is a pioneer of open source software and creator of one of the first sustainable and commercially successful open source business models. Building upon his financial expertise, spanning from his role advising private equity firms to his academic pursuits in modern monetary theory and banking theory, he provides the strategic direction for core investments and partnerships for the firm.

Marc is also a highly regarded investor within the IoT, Deep Tech, Open Source, and Blockchain sectors. He is a pioneer of open source software and creator of one of the first sustainable and commercially successful open source business models. Marc founded JBoss, an open source application server, in 1999 during a time when major players thought open source was dead. Marc proved the naysayers wrong, turning JBoss into a commercially viable business and, in seven years, sold JBoss to Red Hat (eventually acquired by IBM) for $420 million.

Marc holds a doctorate in physics from the prestigious École Polytechnique in Paris for his work done as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also obtained a masters degree in Theoretical Physics from the École Normale Supérieure.

Alexander S. Blum, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Two Prime, has worked across blockchain hedge funds, startups, and consulted in the space for over seven years. Prior to founding, Alex started digital investment group Atomic Capital, developed a cryptocurrency mining operation and AI-crypto hedge fund, and worked as a technology advisor for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Economic Forum, an economic development specialist for the Peace Corps, Alex is a Fellow at University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies and a graduate of MIT and Tufts University. Alex has spoken at blockchain events around the world and his writing can be seen in publications such as Forbes, The Pacific Council on International Policy, HuffPost, and Seeking Alpha.

Very impressive background with strong track records! Thank you for the introduction and sharing the bios. Can you share the story behind Two Prime?

Alexander Blum:
Two Prime was established to provide a mature approach crypto.
Despite its debut as an alternative financial architecture after the financial crisis of 2008, crypto is yet to reach its full potential as an accretive and viable asset. The industry has largely focused on technological advancements, which has not been fruitful thus far and has overlooked its original thesis — financial applications.

In order to move the industry forward, the founders believed that industry must refocus on what works best for crypto — finance. Specifically, crypto has succeeded 1) as a store of value; 2) in rapid fund formation, as demonstrated during the ICO boom; and 3) prevalent use of asset-backed tokens in the markets. Building upon the strengths of crypto, Two Prime is at the forefront of the industry’s search for a new investment model that pushes the boundaries of and brings trust and professionalism to the field.

Very exciting.
Can you share with us which are some of the best use cases of the FF1 token and their features, advantages?

Alexander Blum:
The FF1 token is supported by a real reserve of assets and has a finite supply. It is like a blend of a USDT and BTC, with a protective reserve to prevent a crash and also the ability to rise in value based upon increased demand and finite supply.

Dr Marc Fleury:
FF1 is a better way to get exposure to crypto. It is both a stable store of value and a token that can grow in value. The token was launched at $3 and is at $3.2. Slow and steady wins the race!
The proceeds are invested in BTC, leading coins, Staking and hard to get into funds of private equity.

Alexander Blum:
This happened when everyone else’s tokens crashed like dead elephants from the sky.

Please tell us more. What is the user adoption for the FF1 token to date? Who are your target users and investors and what is your strategy to increase user adoption?

Alexander Blum:
To date, we have FF1 holders from countries all over the world. The market cap of our token is approximately US$325MM. We intend to continue to show people how the FF1 token is a better store of value with the best features of USDT and BTC.

The funds raised through the sale of FF Macro Tokens will be invested in well-diversified public and private sector projects through a managed basket of assets. Specifically, the FF1 funds will be invested in the blockchain sector in a structured portfolio of cryptocurrencies, debt, and equity instruments. Funds will be allocated to our financial partners such as SPiCE VC, BabelFinance and NGC Ventures with the aim to create accretive cash flows.

We provide a safe place while everyone else is crashing and pumping and dumping

Dr Marc Fleury:
The token is a store of value, not utility. We define users as people investing in the token. The volume daily is around $300k per day. We have avoided pump and dump and grow steadily. We grow the user base by listing on new exchanges.

Yay to slow and steady growth — wins the race! How about other key milestones achieved to date, are there any that you like to share with us?

Alexander Blum:
Follow us on TG please!
and on twitter

Two Prime plans to dedicate the first half of 2020 in ensuring the FF1 is accessible to a diverse group of investors interested in exposure to the blockchain industry. The FF1 will be listed on a number of more exchanges and establishing more leading partnerships.

We have also had coverage in Bloomberg News ( and CoinDesk ( We’ve also built a telegram community of over 13,000 members to date and growing!

The firm will also invest in forging impactful partnerships with investors in its journey to professionalize the crypto industry and create products that bridge digital assets with the real economy.

Dr Marc Fleury:
The public listing (and this second one on BIKI) were our first milestones. The other is the private raise we are also doing in parallel. So on top of the public demand we add also private demand. Having the legal documents in the US to do that is another milestone.

We are dedicated to FF1’s growth and excited to be growing together! Can you share what are some of the biggest challenges FF1 has experienced so far, and how did you overcome them?

Alexander Blum:
We continue to spend time educating people on the opportunity of crypto in traditional markets and also building trust within crypto markets for a new store of value. This work in educating people and building community is vital!

Dr Marc Fleury:
Launching during the great BTC crash was a challenge. Then also we have a new concept. Part stable part moon coin, and that can be challenging to explain to people. Getting visibility in a field of so many coins and scams and scaling can be difficult.

Indeed — the odds are great but your vision and determination is greater! Well done on all the achievements to date. We are excited for more to come from Two Prime FF1! Can you share with us what are some of the exciting updates that the community can look forward to in the coming months?

Alexander Blum:
Additional exchanges, very exciting partnerships we’ve already cemented, but haven’t announced, and a very exciting use case for FF1 that will be a game changer!

Dr Marc Fleury:
Launching on BiKi

We are highly expectant on the news to come! Before we bring the AMA session to a close, if there is one key message that you can share with the community today, what would that be?

Alexander Blum:
Investing in crypto doesn’t have to mean extreme volatility or pump and dump schemes — both of which results in a lot of people losing big and very few winners. The FF1 is unpegged to fiat and holds accretive and stable store of value, allowing for steady growth for those who purchase the token. We all deserve to live lives of freedom and abundance!

Dr Marc Fleury:
A mix between a volvo and a lambo…. that’s a lamvo — a stable coin and a moon coin, TO ABUNDANCE!!!!

Thank you for your time today with us on our AMA session. The BiKi community is excited for the upcoming listing of the FF1 token next week! Thank you everyone for tuning in and participating, stay tuned for more listing news and exciting updates about Two Prime FF1 here!

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Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides blockchain technology and digital asset trading services

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Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides blockchain technology and digital asset trading services

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