🔔BiKi Mining Pool Launches CNB HODL Staking!

🔔BiKi X CNB Hodl Staking!

BiKi platform will be opening deposit, withdrawal and trading for CNB/USDT, CNB/ETH, CNB/BTC and the details are as follows:

1. Opening time for deposit: 2020/05/14, 18:00 (GMT +8)

2. Opening time for withdrawal: 2020/05/14, 18:00 (GMT +8)

3. Opening time for trading: 2020/05/14, 18:00 (GMT +8)

To celebrate the official listing of CNB, BiKi platform will be launching the following activities:

Activity 1: 【Deposit CNB and Get Lucky Draw Prize】

Activity 2: 【HODL CNB and Enjoy 11% Annualized Yield】

For more information: https://www.biki.cc/en_US/noticeInfo/2614

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Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides blockchain technology and digital asset trading services