BiKi mining pool and Ankr reach strategic cooperation to accelerate the ecological layout of Staking

According to official news, the trading platform BiKi and BiKi mining pool has reached a strategic cooperation with the mining pool service provider Ankr. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in BiKi mining pool, high-quality project recommendation, resource sharing, and market expansion to jointly develop the Staking ecosystem. The BiKi mining pool supports a variety of Staking forms, including Lock Staking, HODL Staking, Mainstream Token Staking (BTC, ETH, LTC etc.) , Exchange Token Staking, and Popular Token Staking.

For BiKi, BiKi mining pool’s staking service can not only allow users to experience a smoother operation experience, but BiKi mining pool can use Ankr’s immense hardware capabilities to diversify and expand projects, without needing to worry about server pressure caused by too many Staking projects or too many participating users.

Ankr has a professional technical team in Staking security, and coupled with BiKi’s strong technical strength, the security of the BiKi mining pool will definitely be improved, thus increasing the security of users’ assets.

As a European company, Ankr has access to a rich overseas market. This cooperation will bring BiKi a wealth of overseas resources. In exchange, BiKi will also help Ankr lay a solid foundation for Ankr’s entry into the Chinese market.

The rise of Staking is started from the continuous rebound of the crypto market in 2019 and breakthroughs in new highs. After ICO was strongly banned, various companies and institutions repeatedly made various financial innovations with Staking being one of the most eye-catching and user-friendly innovation.

As far as the Staking platform is concerned, BiKi’s achievements in the BiKi mining pool project in 2019 are remarkable. The revenue, security, and convenience of the BiKi mining pool are higher than those of other platforms. At the same time, it has become a top choice for more users in the crypto community to invest in Staking.

The rise of Staking has also promoted the admission of hundreds of public chains such as Cosmos and VSYS. 90% of the popular projects emerging in 2019 have adopted the PoS mechanism, as everyone is optimistic about Staking, and the addition of the public chain of the PoS mechanism to Staking has made it more convenient.

Most in the crypto community know that PoS is not a new concept, but the rise of Staking and the popularity of several projects in recent years have made PoS impressionable again.

The BiKi mining pool has the characteristics of high yield, impressive security, and a wide variety of projects, enhancing the experience of BiKi users.

Although only started recently, BiKi mining pool’s projects are very diverse. In addition to BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT and other mainstream currencies, many popular currencies such as VDS and OXT are also available in the BiKi mining pool. In addition, the BiKi mining pool also provides BIKI and MX, two platform coins for Staking users to choose.

In addition to the diversity of projects, Staking yield is also one of the important factors for users. The first phase of BiKi mining pool’s project’s staking yield is 20%, which includes mainstream and platform coins.

At present, it supports more than 10 projects, including Main Token Wealth Management BTC, ETH, USDT, Exchange Token Wealth Management BIKI, Popular Token Lock Staking VDS, etc., with a maximum yield of 20%. In the near future, BiKi will launch more staking projects. Ankr is building a containerized cloud service market. For containerized development, this is a full-stack cloud service based on shared resources. As of now, Ankr’s infrastructure is spread across 5 continents, consisting of Digital Ocean, telecommunications giant Telefónica, BCP, Rakuten Data Communications, and more.

Ankr is building a marketplace for container based cloud services. It is a full stack cloud service for container deployment using shared resources. Ankr will provide developers with the ability to deploy 100+ types of blockchain nodes. The ANKR token is an important component of our on-chain governance.

Ankr technology incorporates distributed Kubernetes clusters into one single cloud computing system with unified user interface/experience. The Ankr blockchain runs Smart Contract over Tendermint. We use a Proprietary scheduling system to combine resources within various locations and are planning to extend our distributed cloud computing towards Edge Computing.

Ankr is a Platform-as-as-Service leveraging a global marketplace of servers. Our current focus is to provide easy and affordable hosting, management, deployment and monitoring solutions for blockchain-specific nodes, applications and exchanges.

These data centers guarantee a tremendous global scope to our platform. While services such as Amazon’s AWS offer only 20 global locations, Ankr can offer many times more, by virtue of each data center provider being a location in their own right, each with different global configurations. This results in minimised latency and maximised compute-power of your Ankr-hosted nodes, meaning transactions will be smooth, efficient and fast.

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