🚀BiKi.com Launches New ARCC Staking Program in Partnership with IBMR.io

3 min readMay 26, 2020

BiKi.com Launches New ARCC Staking Program in Partnership with IBMR.io

Singapore, 25th May 2020 — Global digital asset trading firm BiKi.com is pleased to announce the launch of a new ARCC staking program in partnership with the world’s first micro asset and crypto reserve currency for Asia and emerging markets, IBMR.io.

The ARCC token was listed on 8th April 2020 on BiKi Exchange and has shown tremendous progress since with a 529.27% increase in return on investment and a 715.13% increase in liquidity, clearly proving that a reserve currency is viable in the cryptocurrency landscape. Additionally, we can look forward to the future appreciation of the token owing to the project’s clear product development road map and through impactful partnerships.

When asked about why they chose to partner with BiKi Exchange, Sinjin David Jung, the managing director of IBMR.io says: “We chose BiKi over other top 10 exchanges because BiKi wants the best for their users for the short and long term. This was exactly the partnership we were looking for in an exchange that really treasures and protects their users now and for the future.”

ARCC Staking Program

With over 12,000,000 ALGO (2.4M USD) in reserve holdings, the ARCC project seeks to continuously run staking programs with the aim of making staking accessible to all traders and rewarding the smaller traders first. It is confident of its ability to achieve this because the project was fully funded by the founders and did not require any presale, ICO or IEO, therefore there is no hidden or excess supply in the market and all funds raised were deposited into the ARCC currency reserve.

The ARCC staking program will be conducted in 3 phases, each running for 30 days. The details of each phase are as follows:

Phase 1: 28th May 2020, 30 Days

Annualized Return: 151.82%

Min/Max Contribution: 88–188 ARCC (41.36–88.36 USDT)

Total Monthly Return: 8.00%

Total Staking Supply: 88,888 ARCC

Phrase 2: 28th June 2020, 30 Days

Annualized Return: 81.64%

Min/Max Contribution: 388–1888 ARCC (182.36–887.36 USDT)

Total Monthly Return: 5.10%

Total Staking Supply: 888,888 ARCC

Phrase 3: 28th July 2020, 30 Days

Annualized Return: 28.02%

Min/Max Contribution: 3888–18888 ARCC (1827.36–8877.36 USDT)

Total Monthly Return: 2.08%

Total Staking Supply: 8,888,888 ARCC

IBMR.io decided to launch the ARCC staking program with BiKi Exchange because it believes the BiKi platform creates real value instead of speculative trading value for its community and gives the project a platform to create a strong long term value proposition. Sinjin David Jung, managing director of IBMR.io comments: “We expect to analyze this 3-month promotion and make changes so we can best share the value of ARCC with BiKi’s members. Our objective is to be the best project on BiKi and become a top 20 coin globally in the next 1 year!”

ARCC Updates

In the coming months, the ARCC project will implement an aggressive development schedule and will launch at least 1 beta and 1 MVP site by Q4 2020. They will also announce at least 3 major partnerships which will aid in the adoption and use of ARCC on BiKi.

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