AOS Launches on BiKi Exchange and Continues to Deepen Global Market
6 min readApr 14, 2020

AOS, the ecological token of the AOS privacy public chain will be listed on the BIKI exchange at 12:00 (GMT + 8) on April 15th with the opening of AOS/USDT trading pair. Deposit will open at 10:00 AM (GMT+8), April 15th.

AOS is a privacy public chain dedicated to providing privacy protection and development platforms for users and decentralized applications. AOS makes “everyone can issue their own privacy tokens and everyone can develop their own privacy DAPP” a reality.

The privacy public chain AOS Foundation is registered in the United Kingdom and the team is distributed in the United Kingdom and North America. AOS currently has multiple language (regional) communities in English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Bengalese and Australian communities. With more than 100,000 active community users, AOS listing on BIKI Exchange is an important measure for AOS public chain to deepen global operations.

Why is AOS developing so rapidly?

Privacy public chain has become the most promising development track.

As we all know, the internet has turned netizens into prisoners. Internet companies illegally resell user data, e-commerce companies extract data about consumer behavior at no cost. Even blockchain is not protected from privacy threats. All transactions on the chain are open and transparent. Information such as transaction address, transaction amount, and transaction time can be queried and traced in the blockchain explorer. The privacy of cryptocurrency transactions represented by Bitcoin is limited to “non-real-name”, that is, everyone can not know who is behind a currency holding address.

Blockchain privacy protection has become an urgent need in the market. As the CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong said: A scalable, sufficiently decentralized, chain that supported private transcations by default(privacy coins) would be a game changer.

Statistics also show that privacy protection has become the most promising business sector in the blockchain industry. Among the projects with a market value of TOP25, privacy projects account for up to 12%; more than 4 projects have a market value of more than 100 million US dollars.

There are also many unmet needs for privacy protection. The existing privacy protection functions of privacy projects such as Monero, DASH, ZERO, etc. only protect the transaction, and doesn’t support the issuance of privacy tokens, smart contracts and privacy DAPP programming.

Based on the above analysis, we found that privacy protection has become an urgent demand in the market and the public privacy chain has become the most promising development track. A high-performance and highly scalable privacy public chain that provides privacy protection on the chain, supports smart contracts, supports the issuance of privacy tokens, and supports the development of privacy DAPPs is ready to appear.

What are the core values of AOS?

AOS Core Value #1: Provide on-chain privacy protection.

With zero-knowledge proof technology, AOS realizes privacy protection and provides privacy protection for users in terms of transaction volume, transaction place, account balance and other information.

AOS Core Value #2: Everyone can issue their own privacy tokens.

AOS combines privacy technology with smart contract technology to realize Turing complete under the need of privacy business.Users can issue privacy tokens autonomously through AOS platform. AOS has become a world-leading privacy token issuance platform.

AOS Core Value #3: Everyone can develop their own privacy DAPP.

AOS develops the world’s first zero-knowledge proof programming platform. Users can develop their own privacy applications easily on AOS platform. Thus, AOS is called “private mini program development platform”.

Based on the above three core values, AOS has a wide range of applications in privacy token issuance, betting game development, company option management, online auctions, supply chain systems, medical care and other fields.

The 6 Characteristics and Advantages of AOS

What competitive advantages does AOS have in the crypto market?

First, AOS functions go beyond tradition privacy projects. ZEC/XMR/DASH and other currency privacy projects only support the privacy protection of transaction. AOS not only supports the privacy protection of transaction, but only supports the issuance of privacy tokens, smart contract and privacy DAPP programming.

Second, AOS leads privacy blockchain technology 3.0 era. AOS takes the lead to support smart contract and the issuance of privacy tokens. It has high performance/high scalability and can realize business implementation. If DASH/XMR/ZEC and other privacy tokens are classed as representatives of “privacy blockchain 1.0”, then privacy public chain AOS is the leader of “privacy blockchain 3.0”.

Third, AOS is the first privacy public chain in the world to support zero knowledge programming. AOS realizes revolutionary breakthrough in privacy encryption and smart contract and and takes the lead to support users in developing their privacy DAPP easily. Privacy DAPP will spring up on AOS platform.

Fourth, AOS is the most powerful privacy smart contract network in the world. (AOS is the first public chain in the world to apply two businesses of privacy encryption and smart contract to Account model; AOS is also the first privacy public chain in the world to adopt DPOS+PBFT consensus mechanism). Technological breakthrough greatly improves the performance of two businesses of AOS’s privacy encryption and smart contract. Thus, AOS is called “private EOS” by its users.

Fifth, AOS adopts and upgrades the most effective privacy protection scheme: zero-knowledge proof. An interactive method for one party to prove to another that a (usually mathematical) statement is true, without revealing anything other than the veracity of the statement.

Sixth, AOS adopts and optimizes the most advanced research in cryptography: homomorphic encryption. Homomorphic encryption is a kind of encryption scheme which allows mathematical operations to be performed in cipher text state. We will provide a variety of homomorphic encryption schemes to allow users to choose from different business scenarios.In the preliminary stage, we will use the improved encryption scheme with multiplicative homomorphism based on the existing technology.

AOS Token Application Scenarios

What is the value of the ecological token of the AOS privacy public chain?

AOS Token is the ecology token issued by the foundation of Anonymous Operating System with an abbreviation of AOS. AOS penetrates the whole ecosystem of Anonymous Operating System. With a wide application in blockchain industry, AOS facilitates both trade and applications along the chain. AOS is also a natural bridge currency for tokens issued on AOS protocol.

Users hold AOS and have a variety of application scenarios, including: paying for privacy tokens issuance, participating in node voting, participating in interest-bearing staking program, paying for game scenarios, obtaining network resources, buying related gifts, and obtaining token airdrops.

The self-positioning of AOS privacy public chain has never been a project of the cryptocurrency, but a blockchain career pioneer that provides infrastructure and underlying platforms for the vigorous development of the privacy ecology. Let us witness the development of a prosperous privacy industry.

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