📢Announcement on BiKi Adds ETN/BTC and Launch of 1,500,000 ETN Giveaway!

Electroneum had recently just gone through a hard fork, which substantially reducing block reward emissions of ETN by 75% for the second time. This may not sound like a good thing for miners, but it is done so in the name of good health!

The ETN/BTC pair will be opening for deposit and trading on 2020/08/05, 18:00 GMT +8 with the withdrawal to open on 2020/08/07, 18:00 GMT +8. At the same time, to celebrate the listing of the newly added trade pair, BiKi and Electroneum will jointly launch a series of activities with a generous 1,500,000 ETN rewards giveaway!

Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, said, “We are absolutely delighted to be listing the ETN/BTC pair on BiKi Exchange, being well aware of the extraordinary accomplishments and feats achieved by Electroneum over such a short period of time. Bringing quality projects to our Exchange has always been an emphasis of ours and Electroneum fits right into the bill! After catching wind of the recent hard fork, we’d figured that it is only a matter of time before ETN appreciates in value.”

Richard Ells, CEO and Founder of Electroneum was also thrilled to be able to list their most traded ETN/BTC pair on BiKi Exchange, and said “It has been a pleasant experience thus far since we’ve embarked on this journey with BiKi, and we wish to capitalise on the growing momentum of their popularity and user base. We are ecstatic to expand on our partnership with an Exchange that recognises both Electroneum’s intrinsic value and needs”

Deflationary Measures

“In this fork, we’ll be updating our blockchain version from V8 to V9,” he reiterated. “The frequency of discovery of blocks, however, will remain at two minutes.” The desired outcome? “To create a healthier trading environment for crypto enthusiasts who benefit from deflationary measures.” said Chris Harrison, Head of Blockchain of Electroneum.

The Pledge

The fork was motivated by a pledge made by both the CEO and Founder Richard Ells of Electroneum, who promises to maintain ETN’s token inflation under 2%, a benchmark set by Bitcoin and also much lower as compared to other cryptocurrencies.

“Block rewards are scheduled for halving every four years from now on, up to a limit of 50 ETN per block” as explained by Andre Patta, Blockchain Developer of Electroneum. That also means that ideally, we won’t be changing the emission rate algorithm anymore in the future, and what is set in this fork should be carved in stone in regards to emission rate,” he said.

Trail Emission

“After the 2032 halving, no more block reward reductions are planned until the maximum supply of 21 billion ETN is reached,” said by Andre Patta, Blockchain Developer of Electroneum. “Once we reach this point, the block reward gets reduced from 50 ETN to 25 ETN per block. That is known as ‘tail emission’ in the crypto space.”

Providing Ease for Electricity Top-ups

Besides the hard fork, an extraordinary feat has been achieved by Electroneum for being the world’s first ever cryptocurrency to enable electricity top-ups with ETN in four African countries — Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, and Mali — from within their mobile app at a tap of a button.

As of now, nearly 2,000 merchants and service providers around the world accepts ETN payment. Adding to that would be the ETN token’s intrinsic ability of topping up mobile phone airtime and data in over 140 countries from within its mobile app. All this was achieved in the short-time span of only 30 months!

The Numbers Game

“Electroneum is one of a handful of cryptocurrencies that are building an ecosystem with real-world use cases, adding value for more than 2.6 million verified app users,” said Richard Ells, CEO, and Founder of Electroneum. “Today, approximately 185,000 mobile top-ups have taken place from within our mobile app.”

Indeed, the numbers do not lie, Electroneum seems to be hitting all the right notes with their ongoing projects. One of these up and coming projects is none other than, Anytask — the global freelance platform powered by Electroneum. Despite it being still in its soft launch phase, the platform has garnered over 460,000 people registered to the website as either sellers or buyers. Freelancers have listed over 6,500 tasks in dozens of categories, including video editing, whiteboard animations, tech support, website design, and so much more. Here’s the ‘wow’ moment, this is all done in just over three months!

Real-life Application

“Today, Electroneum has more real-world adoption than virtually every other cryptocurrency project out there. Really, outside the top five or ten cryptocurrency projects, we are right up there. We have real-world adoption, unlike 99% of the cryptocurrencies.” ” highlighted by Richard Ells.

About BiKi

Headquartered in Singapore, BiKi.com is a global cryptocurrency exchange. BiKi.com provides a digital assets platform for trading more than 150 cryptocurrencies and 280 trading pairs. BiKi.com is focused on providing the safest, most stable and most effective cryptocurrency trading platform. 100% of the transaction fees are used in buyback and burning of platform token, BIKI.

Since its official opening in August 2018, BiKi.com is considered one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with an accumulated 2 million registered users, 200,000 daily active users, over 2,000 community partners and 200,000 community members. BiKi.com has received investments from Huobi co-founder Du Jun, Genesis Capital Zhu Huai Yang, FBG Capital, ChainUP and others totaling approximately 10 million USD.

For more information, visit https://electroneum.com/

How to deposit and withdraw ETN on BiKi Exchange: https://bikiuser.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040717331-How-to-deposit-and-withdraw-ETN-from-BiKi-platform-

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Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides blockchain technology and digital asset trading services

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Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides blockchain technology and digital asset trading services