🌟AMA Recap with CasinoLand Network (CLN)’s CEO, Big Boss

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CasinoLand Network (CLN) is a Tech Provider that offers to build a decentralized gaming platform developed on a blockchain, which guarantees its perfect transparency. Games developed by CLN follow the PVP mechanism, in which players compete against each other. Such technology removes any manipulations of the House and provides complete transparency.

On this week’s TGIF lineup, we were honored to have invited the CEO of CLN, Big Boss to an AMA session with the BiKi community, sharing with them about the exciting partnership between BiKi and CLN! During the session, Big Boss discussed the problems, solutions and challenges faced by the project during development, as well as what the future holds for them in the gaming industry。

Here’s a recap of the AMA on 2020/09/04, 19:00 (GMT +8):

Hello, I’m from BiKi’s 大牛哥, and also the host of tonight. Today, I’m very happy to invite big boss, CEO and founder of CLN, to join us in BiKi AMA to share about CLN with you

Now let’s invite CLN CEO, Big Boss, to say hello to you all!

Big Boss (CLN)
Hello everyone, thank you for inviting me today.

Thank you very much for joining us today!

Big Boss (CLN)
It’s a good thing to be able to engage with BiKi community and I’m looking forward to all the questions about CLN today

Now let’s start the AMA. Can you introduce yourself? @Big Boss

Big Boss (CLN)
Yes, let’s start with the introduction. I’m Big Boss, CEO from CLN. I used to work as a Security Advisor for mid & large size projects. I started my journey in Blockchain space in 2015 and have since been following the development of this fascinating technology.

Despite being in the blockchain zone early, I still couldn’t find an opportunity to integrate blockchain into gaming, mainly due to the lack of experienced personnel. Only until now that I was able to co-found the CLN project to realize my vision, which is to achieve a complete transparent gaming platform.

Impressive resume! Please tell us about your Project? @Big Boss

Big Boss (CLN)
Basically, CLN is a Tech Provider that offers to build a decentralized gaming platform developed on a blockchain, which guarantees its perfect transparency. Games developed by CLN follow the PVP mechanism, in which players compete against each other. Such technology removes any manipulations of the House and provides complete transparency.

We saw the opportunity to integrate Blockchain technology and Defi into gaming to promote the transparency and honesty in gaming industry. That’s why we developed the CLN platform which is friendlier to users, accessible to everyone, and more importantly, through DeFi, users will receive more benefits and more transparency more than other gaming platforms nowadays.

Thank you so much for the wonderful answers! What are your stellar achievements? (e.g. investments, team members, public interest, celebrity endorsement or anything significant)

Big Boss (CLN)
As the first gaming project that integrates Defi, we have been received a flood of interest from both players and common users, in which the presale was sold out successfully in less than 2 hours. CLN was also featured by various reputable media sources such as Yahoo (Finance, News, and Money), Crypto Differ, Crypto Generation, Beincrypto, Coindar, News Affinity, Coinedict, etc.


To achieve our goals, the team is currently in talk with notable crypto projects for a potential partnership. More details will be shared after we reach an agreement.

A good project like this will definitely make alot of heads turn! So what problems do CLN solve?

Big Boss (CLN)
It’s a good question. Our mission consists of:

1/ Tackle down the old and outdated gaming methods, bringing in a fresh breeze to the industry.

2/ Remove the advantages of the House, get rid of any manipulations or rigged results.

3/ Combine Defi with gaming to maximize the benefits of player. With CLN, winning is not the only way to make an income anymore.

While there are always new games created to stimulate the player interests, they all have a same characteristic that of a competition. Competing with the platform itself already put players under great disadvantages. So, with our Vision, we plan to decentralize the gaming marketing, switching it to PVP style.

What makes CLN different? Why would they choose CLN?

Big Boss (CLN)
Thank you for the question. So CLN is the native token of the CLN platform so we focus on how players and investors can benefit from it. Currently, CLN holders will have the following benefits:
- Use to play games on the platform
- Participate in Lending/Staking to share the 20% profit from CLN
- Rewards to borrowers and lenders in each asset with new CLN tokens being distributed at every block of Ethereum. Approximately 68,492.5 CLN per day are released to users.
- Participate in voting system for DAO-CLN platform. In addition, we also use 20% of CLN profits for buyback & token burn.
- Especially, holders of CLN can become treasurer or a recruiting agent of CLN (We will announce how to join soon).
- Importantly, holders can lock their CLN tokens in our upcoming Yield Farming to earn passive profits that transcends any traditional staking method. More details about our system will be shared soon.

Excellent answers!! Crystal clear:D, so why choose to list on BiKi? What is going to change and improve from this partnership?

Big Boss (CLN)
BiKi wasn’t the first exchange we talked with, but it is the exchange that we feel the most suitable for CLN. Beside the huge user base of 150,000 daily active users and a diverse library of 220 listed projects, BiKi offers their hands in helping the project grow over time by involving in brand marketing and market development strategy. BiKi has been working closely with us from the start to ensure we have all necessary tools to become successful upon listing.

Our relationship with BiKi isn’t just a mere listing service. We partnered with them to provide an excellent platform with good liquidity for our investors. Furthermore, BiKi’s biggest communities mainly locate in Asia such as South Korea, Vietnam, China and has tight connections with local KOLs, which will will help CLN to expand in a short amount of time. The team is confident that this partnership will bear fruits in the near future and lay a strong foundation for CLN.

Thank you so much for your Trust and Support in BiKi. What can we expect from CLN in the near future?

Big Boss (CLN)
Good question. I hope the Chinese community will support CLN through BiKi. We are currently working extended hours to roll out exciting products, not just to boost the CLN’s value, but also to bring more benefits to holders. Below is our updated roadmap for Q4/2020:

- Release Sport Gaming: Soccer and Basketball
- Release Website V2.0
- Release Whitepaper V2.0
- Add more games to the library
- Staking wallet (currently working on a Demo)
- Yield farming (expected to be completed by end of Q3)

We are working hard to release the Yield Farming by mid-September.

Alrighty! Thank you so much for sharing, last question, any other fun facts/interesting comments about CLN to add?

Big Boss (CLN)
Great! CLN is the first Defi project applicable to the gaming industry. Gaming is an industry with a huge number of players, thus CLN promises to make a big contribution to the world’s decentralized financial industry by bringing real-world assets into Defi.

To add more use cases, our team will roll out a Yield Farming for CLN. Specifically, a CLN pool will be added to farm for YFCC. Initially price of 1 YFCC is estimated to be $166. Yield farming is a hot trend currently, so we have a high expectation for YFCC. Of course, our farm will be audited by one of trusted firms such as Zokyo or Slowmist. We expect to release the farm by mid-September.

Unlike other generic farms, we have added a unique referral feature to YFCC farm. This will allow users to invite people and earn a % of their profits. Given you are a KOL or influencer, this feature might interest in a long run.

The total supply for YFCC is about 20,000 YFCC with initial circulation of about 1,000 YFCC.

Thank you so much once again Big Boss for attending this AMA session and answering all our burning questions!! I believe everyone has gained an unparallel insight and knowledge as to what CLN is about!!

Moving on, next will be our short Q&A session for our participants to ask questions about CLN, and Big Boss please pick 3 questions to answer!!

Community Question 1
You describe the program as a gaming program. If the program loses popularity, does that mean the price of the coin is close to zero? Is there a sustainable motivation for this project

Big Boss (CLN)
Thank you for your question. As I mentioned above, CLN is a project that combines blockchain, Defi and gaming. So gaming isn’t the only use case here. CLN is also used for Defi features such as lending/borrowing, staking, etc. Further more, our Yield Farming will be released soon this month, which users will need to stake CLN to farm for YFCC. Yield farming is a hot trend currently, with the participation of Justin Sun, CEO of TRX. We have seen a high demand for yield farming, so the team has high expectation for YFCC. YFCC initial marketcap will be low which only around 1000 YFCC be released at the beginning.

Community Question 2
Whether the project side will sell the coinswhen the price rises, in the previous v God said if the project side needs a certain amount of operating capital can be appropriate to sell coins in good times

Big Boss (CLN)
Thank you for the question. If you look at our tokenmetric, we have 10% supply reserved for Liquidity. This is solely used to increase the liquidity for CLN in case the demand is higher. We don’t sell CLN for personal gains. And everything will be reported to the community.

Community Question 3
Gaming platforms are banned in many places. How can CLN avoid legal risks in different countries?

Big Boss (CLN)
We will apply for license from Curacao, it’s where the majority of online gaming get the license from. Of course, we have no problem running online gaming at this moment due to the anonymity of Blockchain. Just like how blockchain is banned at some countries, users from those countries are barely affected. With blockchain power, we can reach the higher point of freedom and be less shackled by local laws.

Community Question 4
This year, DeFi is quite hot. What do you think of the market of this year? What opportunities and challenges does CLN have in this field?

Community Question 5
What is the total amount and circulation of CLN? Is there any subscription? What is the initial price?

Community Question 6
I would like to ask if there are any obstacles in the development of the project. Would you please discuss about this situation?

Community Question 7
In China, will CLN hold offline meet-ups for investors and fans?

3 questions picked! We hereby thank our guest for the replies!!

Big Boss (CLN)
Thank you mate for the help today. It’s a good AMA :) I’m looking forward to your support on Biki on Sept 7th.

To learn more about CLN, please visit: https://casinoland.network/and chat with the community about CLN at: https://t.me/casinoland_network

CLN will be listing on BiKi platform on 2020/09/07, 15:00 (GMT +8) and launching a “CLN Grid Profit Ranking Competition” activity to share 500,00 CLN giveaway!

So don’t miss out the opportunity to earn profits from Grid Trading and win rewards from CLN at the same time!

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