📢AMA Recap : SpaceTravel featuring Judy Yu, Advisor!

  • A top military-grade map that is linked to the Singapore map and Indonesia land data which not even Google will have access to
  • Indoor navigation on the map
  • Rewards system incentivising lifestyle behaviour
  • Immediate payments on the app to merchants tied to rewards
  • Multiple markets
  • Crypto coin as a reward
  • Cross border use of rewards
  • Unionpay — Payment systems provider for payments on BuBu app
  • Singapore Land Authority — for developing OneMap 2.0, and to migrate 100K users over
  • Bali Tourism board with Unionpay — Onboard 10,000 merchants in Bali on Bubu app for Chinese tourists to pay via Unionpay on BuBu app
  • Ziliqa — blockchain platform design and implementation, joint go-to-market
  • Aqiliiz — rewards system on blockchain
  • Fomopay — additional payment methods on Bubu (Paynow on SGQR code for Singaporeans)
  • GPA Dental group — for group of clinics on bubu app in Singapore
  • Virtual Logistics — delivery driver using the Bubu map app for navigation
  • a WeChat program designed in partnership with UnionPay and various tourism boards due to launch early-Mid June
  • a “brewing” operational expansion in “the land of sushi and ramen”
  • a signing ceremony with UnionPay and Bali Tourism Promotion Board
  • Ongoing discussions with tourism boards across APAC on how SpaceTravel and BUBU App can play a role in the revival of tourism and travel, especially critical during this COVID-19 induced economic downturn
  • a PS (Payment Services) Act license application with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)



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Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides blockchain technology and digital asset trading services